4th Birthday

May the 4th normally sees a cheeky pun for movie fans, however (and we say more importantly) it’s our Birthday. This year we turned 4 years young and celebrated as any 4-year-old would- with pyjamas, cake and our most favourite thing ever, magic.

Our 4th birthday signified 48,000 garments made since the start of our journey, an achievement we are incredibly proud of. It also means that we named our new “Fairy of the Year”. This year our award went to Victoria Thompson. A hugely important fairy in our day-to-day running, she received an extra portion of fairy dust and a huge thanks. A milestone also means a super extra thank you to our fairies who work so hard for this charity; their hands are always busy trying to balance their wands with fabric pieces- we don’t know how they do it!

Other fairies used our birthday as an excuse to fundraise for us- a huge £737.30 was raised on our Birthday weekend. Denise did a “guess the name of the fairy” competition as well as using coffee, cakes and crafts event and raised a staggering £412.30. Fairy Blossom was the winning name of her fairy.

Susie sold 124 cakes and raised £188. She also encouraged “The Cork and Cheese” in Southampton to sell some cakes which added £70 into our pot. The cupcakes looked truly scrumptious- too good to eat! (nearly…). Jane also did a cake sale raising an extra £63. 

Our final piece of Birthday news comes in terms of a new(s) recruit. Emma Hardy was appointed News Fairy to keep you all updated on charity news, and newsletters will be coming soon. She can’t wait to keep you informed of all the exciting and upcoming news. Here’s to another fairy-tastic year!