BBC Radio Bristol Feature

In August, our Trustee and Head Admin Kayleigh, Hospital Co-Ordinator Jenny and Fairy Alison (with fairy in training Eleanor!) were filmed by BBC Radio Bristol whilst delivering 100 beautiful gowns to Meadow Ward at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

With more than 80 comments, 800 shares, 3000 likes and 305,000 views, it’s safe to say this feature was a complete success! If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out here → Pyjama Fairies – BBC Radio Bristol.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to Alex and Lilly May from BBC Radio Bristol for their support!

Isabella Signs

Two years ago, thirteen year old Isabella began learning sign language. She now has more than 50,000 followers on her social media accounts where she shares videos in which she signs various songs in a bid to raise awareness of sign language.

She has three siblings – Indiana (aged 5), Lucus (aged 7) and Alexander (aged 9).

Lucus has Downs Syndrome, and struggled to communicate, often becoming stressed and frustrated because his family couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. Isabella decided she wanted to learn Makaton – a type of sign language – so that she could communicate better with her brother. Lucus is now able to have a conversation and be understood, with virtually no stress!

Isabella and Lucus offered to wear our beautiful pyjamas in their latest heart-warming video to help spread awareness of Pyjama Fairies with their large and diverse audience. Watch Isabella and Lucus sign along to ‘Speechless’ from ‘Aladdin’ wearing their beautiful matching pyjamas from Pyjama Fairies here → Speechless (Aladdin) – by Isabella Signs.