BBC Radio Bristol Feature

In August, our Trustee and Head Admin Kayleigh, Hospital Co-Ordinator Jenny and Fairy Alison (with fairy in training Eleanor!) were filmed by BBC Radio Bristol whilst delivering 100 beautiful gowns to Meadow Ward at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

With more than 80 comments, 800 shares, 3000 likes and 305,000 views, it’s safe to say this feature was a complete success! If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out here → Pyjama Fairies – BBC Radio Bristol.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to Alex and Lilly May from BBC Radio Bristol for their support!

Isabella Signs

Two years ago, thirteen year old Isabella began learning sign language. She now has more than 50,000 followers on her social media accounts where she shares videos in which she signs various songs in a bid to raise awareness of sign language.

She has three siblings – Indiana (aged 5), Lucus (aged 7) and Alexander (aged 9).

Lucus has Downs Syndrome, and struggled to communicate, often becoming stressed and frustrated because his family couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. Isabella decided she wanted to learn Makaton – a type of sign language – so that she could communicate better with her brother. Lucus is now able to have a conversation and be understood, with virtually no stress!

Isabella and Lucus offered to wear our beautiful pyjamas in their latest heart-warming video to help spread awareness of Pyjama Fairies with their large and diverse audience. Watch Isabella and Lucus sign along to ‘Speechless’ from ‘Aladdin’ wearing their beautiful matching pyjamas from Pyjama Fairies here → Speechless (Aladdin) – by Isabella Signs.


We need your help!

We have an exciting opportunity for a very special family to be featured in a new video we are planning.
The video would film the lead up to surgery, pre and post surgery, showing the difference our garments make compared to the standard gowns normally given.

We would love to film with a family whose child has upcoming surgery, or repeat procedure so we can focus on the impact our garments have on not only the child, but also the immediate family. The video will be used on our website, all our Social media platforms and for any other promotional purposes.

If you’d like to be considered, please fill in the form below, and we will pick a family and be in contact very soon.


Bristol Royal Hospital for Children & filming with BBC Bristol!

On the 30th August, our Trustee and Head Admin Kayleigh, Hospital Co-Ordinator Jenny and Fairy Alison (with fairy in training Eleanor!) delivered a donation of 100 gowns to Meadow Ward at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Not only were we there to hand over their order, but we also had the pleasure of meeting Alex and LillyMay from BBC Bristol, so they could film the delivery for a feature they are compiling about Pyjama Fairies and the work we do.

All of the staff on the ward thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and took time to look through all of the gowns and the different fabrics used by the Fairies, and look forward to seeing more of the gowns in use and brightening up patients’ days. Beth, ward sister for Meadow Ward, said;

‘Sometimes our patients can struggle with our gowns and not want to get in them, so if they can now pick their favourite colour or their favourite animal on the gown, we think this will really help! We know they’ll be very loved and we are very appreciative to Pyjama Fairies for their donation’.


While on the ward, we had chance to meet some of the families and children on the ward, and gave some gowns to them as they waited for surgery. One of the families included Murphy. Murphy, who was born with flat head syndrome, was on Meadow ward to have a helmet moulded which would help him with the development of his head structure. When they received the gown his family said:

‘They’re very cool and unique. Murphy will like them because they are bright and colourful for such a sterile environment!’

Murphy and his family being interviewed for the feature.


We are so glad that the gowns were so well received by all of the staff and patients on the ward. It was clear to see how excited the nurses were by the delivery, and we really hope that they help to make a difference to the children and their families that visit the ward.

Thankyou to everyone for making us feel so welcome during the visit, and for the cheeky cup of tea before we left!

A massive thankyou to Alex and LillyMay (seen in the photo below) for being a part of the day and for your support. We can’t wait to see the feature!

Kayleigh, Jenny and Alison with staff from Meadow Ward and Alex and LillyMay from the BBC.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital

On the 28th June, we had the pleasure of delivering 100 garments to Noah’ s Ark Children’s Hospital of Wales, at UHW Cardiff.

The staff were very excited when we arrived, and couldn’t wait to have a look at them and admire all the different fabric choices and sizes we had donated. They explained that the gowns would make a great improvement on resources they already have, and they would be spread out across the various children’s wards for use.

This donation was extremely special for Trustee Kayleigh, as her eldest daughter, Ilani (6) was born at the hospital and the staff on NICU saved her life. When Kayleigh was 30 weeks pregnant, a scan found that Ilani had a build up of fluid on her lungs, which wasn’t there 2 weeks previously. They were sent to the Fetal Medicine unit at UHW, where she was monitored for 2 weeks with scans to check whether the fluid was increasing, and it was, which resulted in Thoracentesis being performed twice while Lani was still in utero. She was then diagnosed with Chylothorax, and became very unwell, which resulted in an emergency c-section at 32 weeks. She was taken straight to NICU, placed on a ventilator and connected to monitors and machines, where she would remain for a number of weeks, over Christmas. “After she was born, I was quite poorly. Her dad went to see her in NICU, and as I couldn’t get there, one of the nurses took a photo of her and printed it out for me, so I could see her. She was over 24 hours old before I saw her, and I wouldn’t be able to hold her for 2 weeks.”  During this time, she had 2 chest drains, a long line into her heart to give her the nutrition she needed to gain strength, drips and connected to various monitors to ensure she remained stable. “The staff on NICU were amazing, and made the whole situation so much more bearable, and over the time I spent there with her, became close with a few nurses and doctors who gave her the amazing care and support she needed.”

Ilani, a few days old.

“Once I became involved with Pyjama Fairies in 2015, I wished that they were around when Ilani was born, as they would have made a huge difference to us. I made Ilani her own gown when she needed an MRI, and ot made her much more comfortable wearing it.  So, when we started donating garments to various children’s wards across the UK, I knew I had to arrange for UHW to get some! It took a while to organise due to various factors, but once we had the OK to do it, I was so happy! I knew I had to deliver them myself, as the hospital means so much to me because of what they did for Ilani. It was incredibly humbling knowing now I can help to make a difference to other children, too.”

We would like to thank Thomas Cook, as they very kindly sponsored this order for us.

If you know of a children’s ward or unit at your local hospital which could benefit from a donation of 100 garments completely free, let us know or ask them to email us on and we will work our fairy magic for them!



4th Birthday

May the 4th normally sees a cheeky pun for movie fans, however (and we say more importantly) it’s our Birthday. This year we turned 4 years young and celebrated as any 4-year-old would- with pyjamas, cake and our most favourite thing ever, magic.

Our 4th birthday signified 48,000 garments made since the start of our journey, an achievement we are incredibly proud of. It also means that we named our new “Fairy of the Year”. This year our award went to Victoria Thompson. A hugely important fairy in our day-to-day running, she received an extra portion of fairy dust and a huge thanks. A milestone also means a super extra thank you to our fairies who work so hard for this charity; their hands are always busy trying to balance their wands with fabric pieces- we don’t know how they do it!

Other fairies used our birthday as an excuse to fundraise for us- a huge £737.30 was raised on our Birthday weekend. Denise did a “guess the name of the fairy” competition as well as using coffee, cakes and crafts event and raised a staggering £412.30. Fairy Blossom was the winning name of her fairy.

Susie sold 124 cakes and raised £188. She also encouraged “The Cork and Cheese” in Southampton to sell some cakes which added £70 into our pot. The cupcakes looked truly scrumptious- too good to eat! (nearly…). Jane also did a cake sale raising an extra £63. 

Our final piece of Birthday news comes in terms of a new(s) recruit. Emma Hardy was appointed News Fairy to keep you all updated on charity news, and newsletters will be coming soon. She can’t wait to keep you informed of all the exciting and upcoming news. Here’s to another fairy-tastic year!

Holiday Extras Donation to William Harvey Hospital

Thanks to a very generous donation from Holiday Extras, Pyjama Fairies were able to share their fairydust with Padua Ward at William Harvey Hospital, Kent.

Local fairies popped along to the ward to deliver the beautifully handmade garments.

Staff on the ward were very excited to see the bright child friendly colours and the varied patterns that were available and look forward to handing them out to their young patients.


box full of pjs and gowns to the day surgery unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Pyjamas and Gowns delivered to the day surgery unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

One of our fairies delivered a box full of pyjamas and gowns to the day surgery unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, part of Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. They loved them so much that staff from other wards kept coming to have a look. Lots of fairy dust spread all over the hospital!

Putting hearts on the map

Putting Hearts on the Map with Thomas Cook Children’s Charity

Mid-November signalled the kick-off of Pyjama Fairies collaboration with The Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and the start of our “Putting Hearts on the Map” project.   Thanks to a generous grant for  purchasing fabric from Thomas Cook we were able to distribute over 800 metres of fabric amongst our volunteer sewing fairies to be made into cheerful hospital gowns and pyjamas.  This is the first phase of a project that will be ongoing throughout 2018 and will benefit over 1,000 children.

The distribution of the fabric was a job in itself and in this we were incredibly generously supported by The Oak and Rope Company, including Minnie the dog, who have sponsored the delivery costs. A big thank you to Jeannette and her team –  now let the fairy magic commence!