Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fairy; that’s what we call our volunteers; we are a happy little community that is about so much more than sewing.

In order to become a fairy and earn your wings (that’s what we call the quality control for each garment you sew) you will need to register your details via our website to access ‘Fairyland’ where you can read the rules, watch the tutorials and learn more.

Some of the common questions we get asked by potential new Fairies are:

Who provides the fabric and haberdashery?

As a general rule each fairy supplies their own fabric, haberdashery and equipment.

Where do I get the patterns?

Patterns can be ordered once you have registered on the website. They cannot be used for anything other than work supported by this charity.

Can I use any fabric?

No, we have strict guidelines on fabric and it must be new 100% cotton/cotton poplin, full details can be found in the rules.

Do I have to use Facebook?

No, but the group is very friendly, it’s not just about sewing and you will also have full support from our fairies and dedicated buddy team to help you find your feet

Where do your groups meet?

All our Fairies sew from home, but you may find a nearby Fairy who is happy to meet up and sew with you.  Regional get togethers are sometimes organised by Fairies and nearly always involve tea and cake.