Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital

On the 28th June, we had the pleasure of delivering 100 garments to Noah’ s Ark Children’s Hospital of Wales, at UHW Cardiff.

The staff were very excited when we arrived, and couldn’t wait to have a look at them and admire all the different fabric choices and sizes we had donated. They explained that the gowns would make a great improvement on resources they already have, and they would be spread out across the various children’s wards for use.

This donation was extremely special for Trustee Kayleigh, as her eldest daughter, Ilani (6) was born at the hospital and the staff on NICU saved her life. When Kayleigh was 30 weeks pregnant, a scan found that Ilani had a build up of fluid on her lungs, which wasn’t there 2 weeks previously. They were sent to the Fetal Medicine unit at UHW, where she was monitored for 2 weeks with scans to check whether the fluid was increasing, and it was, which resulted in Thoracentesis being performed twice while Lani was still in utero. She was then diagnosed with Chylothorax, and became very unwell, which resulted in an emergency c-section at 32 weeks. She was taken straight to NICU, placed on a ventilator and connected to monitors and machines, where she would remain for a number of weeks, over Christmas. “After she was born, I was quite poorly. Her dad went to see her in NICU, and as I couldn’t get there, one of the nurses took a photo of her and printed it out for me, so I could see her. She was over 24 hours old before I saw her, and I wouldn’t be able to hold her for 2 weeks.”  During this time, she had 2 chest drains, a long line into her heart to give her the nutrition she needed to gain strength, drips and connected to various monitors to ensure she remained stable. “The staff on NICU were amazing, and made the whole situation so much more bearable, and over the time I spent there with her, became close with a few nurses and doctors who gave her the amazing care and support she needed.”

Ilani, a few days old.

“Once I became involved with Pyjama Fairies in 2015, I wished that they were around when Ilani was born, as they would have made a huge difference to us. I made Ilani her own gown when she needed an MRI, and ot made her much more comfortable wearing it.  So, when we started donating garments to various children’s wards across the UK, I knew I had to arrange for UHW to get some! It took a while to organise due to various factors, but once we had the OK to do it, I was so happy! I knew I had to deliver them myself, as the hospital means so much to me because of what they did for Ilani. It was incredibly humbling knowing now I can help to make a difference to other children, too.”

We would like to thank Thomas Cook, as they very kindly sponsored this order for us.

If you know of a children’s ward or unit at your local hospital which could benefit from a donation of 100 garments completely free, let us know or ask them to email us on and we will work our fairy magic for them!



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