It is difficult to put into words how this makes something so traumatic into something a little magical. We know it isn't going to be easy when we get the call and Eleanor has been suffering from anxiety around the uncertainty of it all so to have something lovely and positive that she knows she will wear has made a real difference. A wonderful group of fairies. Thank you.

Claire Brinkley

Thank you to the fairy that made Tillie-rose PJ’s; my daughter Shanice Melling ordered them for me. The nurses are very impressed with them.

Shelagh Humphreys

About to head down to theatre. Cannot thank you enough! No panic and refusal to wear a gown today which normally results in a naked trip to theatre.

Michelle King

Thankyou so much for Ellagh’s gown and pyjamas. You must have known her love for all things purple!! Op next Wednesday so they will be worn very soon! She loves them!

Denise Howie

Lollies really looking forward to showing off her stuff on Thursday. She doesn’t even mind having a needle put in her if she gets to look beautiful.

Thank you so so much fairies, you're more like angels that watch her.

Ruth Anderson

As a mum of a soon to be 2 yr old girl with heart disease I just wanted to say that it’s amazing to see so many people wanting to make gowns/pjs. My girl has had a few sets of gowns and pjs from fairies in this group. On each occasion the staff, from nurses up to the theatre team, have commented on how good the garments are. What a difference it makes knowing your child is wearing something “normal” whilst having surgery/recovering in hospital.

Keep up the great work fairies, you truly are amazing.

Michelle McDermott

Thank you thank you thank you for my daughters PJs. They are super cute. It means so much to us that people who don’t even know us, care so much. You are all just so lovely and such great examples of good people! Thank you xx

Kim Banks

Just wanted to say a big thanks for our PJs! All the doctors and nurses admired and commented on them at out recent OHS.

Great job xxx

Michelle Conway

Thank you so much ladies. Your help is greatly appreciated

Kirsty O'Donnell

Emily loves her fairies gown xxx thank you so much xxxx

Theresa Higgs - Spraggon

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