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A book of fairies, kindness, love, and magic.

Learn about the most magical fairies in all the world. They are the ones who create from love, give with kindness, and share their magic. Find out how these amazing fairies came to be and meet the ones who started it all. Meet the first ever Pyjama Fairy, Fairy Boss Lady and her wonderfully brave daughter, the Fairy Queen, who needed an operation on her heart at the age of 4. Discover how one simple request, created a tribe of fairies!

Pyjama Fairies are a charity that is run entirely by volunteers and who are solely dedicated to helping children feel more comfortable while in hospital. Whilst other great organisations focus on much needed research and finding cures, Pyjama Fairies work to improve the quality of life, of children and their families as they undergo surgeries and treatments. We have also been able to donate over 4,000 garments per year, free of charge, directly to hospital wards throughout the UK. This ensures that children can also get access to our pyjamas and gowns in emergency situations.

This book has been created free of charge by the amazing Whimsical Woodland Way and donated to us, so that we may raise funds, for our charity, which will enable us to grow and help even more children and their families.

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