Meet the Team


Amanda Chadwick

Founder and Trustee

Amanda lives in Manchester with her 3 beautiful daughters. She taught herself to sew when she was pregnant with her third child.  In May 2014 her third little girl arrived in perfect health but 2 days later was rushed back to hospital and it was discovered she was in heart failure.

What followed was a blur of tests, diagnoses, complicated medical jargon, operations, doctors, nurses and hospital admissions. Throughout her time in hospital I realised that she spent most of her time naked and she would scream in discomfort when I had to undress her for the staff to give their care. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable for her to wear either in the UK or further afield, I decided to create some comfortable specially designed pyjamas for her to wear. These special pyjamas meant she could stay dressed, warm, safe and virtually pain free while the medical team looked after her.


Victoria Thompson

Head Admin and Trustee

I have been a pyjama fairy almost since the beginning. I now live, breathe, and sleep it and I was honoured to become an Admin and Trustee in 2021. I am responsible for all our emergency orders we send out and have started our new hospice initiative. I oversee a lot of the day to day stuff and just keep fairyland ticking over nicely.
I’m proud to sat that in all my time no child has been left without a garment on their stressful day


Rachel Parlor

Supplies Manager

Hi my name is Rachel and I am the fabric and label supply fairy. I live in Wolverhampton with my husband Stuart and our three teenage daughters Rebekah, Chloe and Lucie. I am a TA at a local primary school working with children with special needs. I love doing crochet, knitting and sewing in my spare time and of course spending time with my family.


Gail Reid

Pattern Coordinator and Assistant Supplies Manager

Hi, I am Gail, 39 and I am from Dundee, Scotland. I am married to Martin and we have two boys, Conan 11 and Keir 5. I am a Principal Teacher of Home Economics at a local secondary school. I joined Pyjama Fairies in December 2016 after watching a very inspirational article on BBC news. I love sewing but sewing for this charity is by far my favourite!

Sewing for such a wonderful charity, knowing that the garments have such a positive impact upon the children is exceptionally rewarding.


Susie Creal

Wing Fairy

Hi my name is Susie, I am nearly 74 years young and have been happily married for over 50 years and I have 2 married children. I attended a teacher training college in Bath, in the late 1960s, studying Home Economics Dress & Design. Teaching firstly in a Secondary school and then for over 30 years in the same Primary school. I finally retired from teaching in July 2018, after many happy year. I have been a Pyjama Fairy since December 2016 and I am the Wings Fairy, covering quality control and assessing all garments from new fairies before awarding wings. Alongside this I help collect and check garments for hospital orders.

As Fairy Dotty, I try to sew on a daily basis, giving talks, fund raising and raising awareness of this amazing charity. But most of all I enjoy helping to make children sparkle.


Jenny Cripps

Hospital Co-Ordinator

Jenny lives in Cardiff and started volunteering with Pyjama Fairies after seeing an advert on Facebook. Having sewn for herself and children over the years she had recently retired and was looking for something to fill her time. Outside of sewing she is an archery coach and a Group Scout Leader.

I love sewing for this charity, knowing it makes such a difference for children going into hospital which can be a very scary time for them. Our colourful pyjamas and gowns really cheer them up and make them feel special.


Sue McIlroy

Head Hospital Order Fairy

Taught textiles, Food technology & Child Development where I was able to hone my skills whilst encouraging young people to do the same. Having moved to a new area 7 years ago I was keen to find new activities. I became a volunteer in my local hospital and joined a u3a craft group. On seeing the Pyjama Fairies article on BBC breakfast in 2016 I decided to bring my sewing machine out of retirement and since then have never looked back.

I love the ethos of the charity especially working with the kind and caring people who dedicate so much of their time running it on a day to day basis


Terri Delahunty

Postage Fairy

I am originally from the US and moved to the UK in 1991, initially working in London for 7 years before moving to Cardiff in 1998 with my husband and twin daughters who were then toddlers. During a brief period of unemployment in early 2017, I was looking for something useful to do that would utilise my skills and found Pyjama Fairies among volunteer sewing roles on the web. After gaining my wings on 1st March, I started full-time employment again on 1st April but fitted in sewing in the evenings and weekends thoroughly enjoyed it. In summer 2020, I took on an admin role with the team which involves checking and processing fairies’ postage refund claims. Since retirement in October 2021, I have also started using fairy scraps to make quilt hugs for children and young people and I volunteer at the local food bank.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing for the charity and helping to make things just a little bit easier for children and their families.


Sally Matthews

Email Fairy

Fairy Story was my chosen name as I spent several years working as a librarian in a junior school.  I earned my wings back in May 2016.  As well as being a sewing fairy I help out by dealing with routine emails, passing on those that need specific expertise or authority and “housekeeping” the archived material.  My other Fairy activity for the last four years has been organising an annual event now known as “Away with the Fairies” – an opportunity for sewing Fairies to get together for a day to meet each other, share their experience of sewing gowns and PJs and having some social time together.  Originally intended as a local event, it has lately been attended by Fairies from all over the country and is a lovely day with a great Fairy atmosphere.


Emma Mangan

Social Media and Fundraising

I’m a busy Mum of five, who first came across Pyjama Fairies when I ordered garments for my daughter. The difference having her very own garments sewn by a fairy made to her hospital experience compared to previous times was huge. When the opportunity came up nearly three years ago to get involved with the charity I jumped at the chance. I love being able to spread the Pyjama Fairies sparkle, showcasing not only the amazing work of our fairies but showing off our superstar friends and their stories to our ever growing audience of friends and supporters. My proudest moment in fairyland so far has got to be getting my own fairy name last year.


Rebecca Clish

Director of Quality and Safety

Mum of 2 gorgeous boys who came across the charity when my youngest had surgery. Joined to give other children a smile when in hospital and it’s helped with each surgery my son has had. My love for sewing turned into a business too so I can mix my charity work with earning extra pennies. I love reading, crocheting, knitting and crime thriller movies.


Kayleigh Whitton

Trustee and Admin

Kayleigh got involved with PF when it first started in May 2015 as her eldest daughter was born with fluid on her lungs, on a ventilator and very poorly in ITU and then SCBU for over a month. Due to this her daughter was always kept naked as she had a drain in her chest, lines into her belly button and long line in her heart along with feeding tubes, and monitoring equipment.

Once I found out about PF I wanted to do something to help children who were like her, as I knew how much of a difference they’d make! Not long after, the lovely founders invited me to become Admin and help run the charity and I’ve never looked back! Fairyland is now a part of my life everyday, from when I wake up until I go to bed, I even dream about it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!