Meet the Team

Kayleigh Whitton

Trustee and Head Admin

Kayleight got involved with PF when it first started in May 2015 as her eldest daughter was born with fluid on her lungs, on a ventilator and very poorly in ITU and then SCBU for over a month. Due to this her daughter was always kept naked as she had a drain in her chest, lines into her belly button and long line in her heart along with feeding tubes, and monitoring equipment.

Once I found out about PF I wanted to do something to help children who were like her, as I knew how much of a difference they’d make! Not long after, the lovely founders invited me to become Admin and help run the charity and I’ve never looked back! Fairyland is now a part of my life everyday, from when I wake up until I go to bed, I even dream about it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Amanda Chadwick

Amanda Chadwick

Founder and Trustee

Amanda lives in Manchester with her 3 beautiful daughters. She taught herself to sew when she was pregnant with her third child.  In May 2014 her third little girl arrived in perfect health but 2 days later was rushed back to hospital and it was discovered she was in heart failure.

What followed was a blur of tests, diagnoses, complicated medical jargon, operations, doctors, nurses and hospital admissions. Throughout her time in hospital I realised that she spent most of her time naked and she would scream in discomfort when I had to undress her for the staff to give their care. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable for her to wear either in the UK or further afield, I decided to create some comfortable specially designed pyjamas for her to wear. These special pyjamas meant she could stay dressed, warm, safe and virtually pain free while the medical team looked after her.

Chelsea Coulson-Williams

Founder, Trustee and Admin

Chelsea hails from North Wales but has now happily settled in Mid Wales as a secondary school maths teacher.  After receiving a sewing machine as a Christmas present in 2014 she unexpectedly unleashed her creative side through sewing and became involved in the online sewing community through blogging and facebook groups. Chelsea met Amanda in a Facebook fabric group and they teamed up to get Pyjama Fairies up and running and the rest is history!

I wanted a way to document every item that I created which blogging allowed me to do. I also wanted to engage with the online sewing community, they are such a friendly bunch of people.  This is how I met Amanda. She posted on a fabric group on Facebook and explained that she was making pyjamas for her child having heart surgery. I decided that I’d love to get involved to help spread this special gift for more poorly children!



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