We need your help!

We have an exciting opportunity for a very special family to be featured in a new video we are planning.
The video would film the lead up to surgery, pre and post surgery, showing the difference our garments make compared to the standard gowns normally given.

We would love to film with a family whose child has upcoming surgery, or repeat procedure so we can focus on the impact our garments have on not only the child, but also the immediate family. The video will be used on our website, all our Social media platforms and for any other promotional purposes.

If you’d like to be considered, please fill in the form below, and we will pick a family and be in contact very soon.



2 thoughts on “We need your help!

  1. LISA JORDAN says:

    Olivia was born with CDH and will be having a repeat Nissan Fundoplication and some other things on the 15th August. She is 12 years old and has had numerous procedures and operations over the years. Her 1st being at 9 hours old.

    1. FairyEnfys FairyEnfys says:

      Hi Lisa was you looking for some garments? The order form is at the top of our front page and we supply all children in the UK up to age 16.

      Lots of love and fairy dust
      Fairy Enfys

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